Does anyone know the whereabouts of Piper no 9? She was originally bought from Robertson's Yard by E.O. Liebert, and taken out to Bermuda. In 1970 she was sold to Carl L. Goodwin who sailed her for about ten years in Bermuda, having renamed her "Je Reviens"

This old photo shows Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin sailing her in 1972. If anyone is aware of where she is now (or any time from 1980 onwards) we would be very interested to hear from them.

  Piper no 24, Springtide, (previously Cirrus) is owned by Jol and Pete and is sailed every year in the Antigua classics . She won her class this year with 3 guns and a second, sailed by Ollie the boatbuilder

  A mould was taken from her and there was some interest, but the downturn in the economy and eight new dragons being imported into the club meant that none were built. The mould is however still there and it is thought that Antigua Boatbuilders could build one if anyone was interested.