Reports 2014-15

Piper Championships report 2014Worlds..pdf

The World Piper Championships 2014

Worlds Champions return Trophies to Holy Loch, Piper OD champions for 2014 are Iain

sailing Piper no 18 Billie

1st Billie 2nd Roseanne 3rd Pibroch

 1st Rosanne Lean

2nd Staypuff

 3rd  Sanderling

48th Piper Anniversary Regatta 2014

The 48th Piper OD Anniversary Regatta opened the weekend racing season in some of the wettest conditions known to man.

Piper Owners Association 49th  2015 Press Report

In what was some very challenging conditions over the weekend Neil Towart

1st Stay Puff

2nd Tass III

 3rd Tom Piper

Piper OD Class Championships 2015

Rosanne takes the Piper class championship................

 1st Rosanne

 2nd Pibroch

 3rd Tamarind


Reports 2016

Piper no 18 “Billie”




The Piper One Design Class continued their 50th Anniversary celebrations with their “World

Championships “ at Royal Gourock Yacht Club o


50th Championships Regatta